Student Testimonials

Over the past three years, since eTeacher opened its virtual doors, thousands of students from countries all across the globe have benefited from the unique educational approach offered by Hebrew instruction over the Internet. With our ongoing commitment to the satisfaction of each and every student, we see our students as our greatest promotional tool. Below you can find just a few of the many expressions of positive feedback that our programs have received.


We have also gathered a collection of personal stories, as told by eTeacher teachers and students.

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  •   "I really enjoyed your 30 week Hebrew class. I learned a lot about the Hebrew language and gained much insight."  
    Carlotta Curti, California, USA, Biblical Hebrew – Level A - Rabbi Jonathan Matt, M.A.
  •   Dr. Lizorkin-Eyzenberg is impressive research scholar… He is respectful and knows how to share his ideas in an attractive manner. He is a gracious and attractive person. Students find him very helpful and admire his teaching skills and knowledge. 
    Prof. James H. Charlesworth, Princeton Theological Seminary, Biblical Hebrew – Level E - Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg
  •   If such a treasure as reading the original words given to us in God's word could possibly be measured, its value would surpass all the mysteries and beauty of life, and no pursuit could equal its knowledge. Every class I attend, each week, unlocks a little more of this incredible gift to all of us and I cannot begin to express how amazing it is to be learning this treasure's beauty. Thank you E-teacher for teaching me. 
    John Harrison, Alaska, USA, Biblical Hebrew – Level A
  •   I have been so happy to have signed up with eTeacher Biblical, even though I have recently started, I am learning so much and it helps with my understanding of the Hebrew of the Bible!  
    Kenneth Reed, Houston, Missouri,
  •   I am learning so much about the history of the Hebrew language, and our instructor Stephen is very patient, and an outstanding instructor. I am also learning how the Old Testament comes together in Hebrew and the English languages. I look forward to the coming weeks of study and being able to read and speak in Hebrew. 
    Harry Wilkin, St. Petersburg, Florida, Biblical Hebrew – Level A - Stephen Sang-Bae Kim, Ph.D.
  •   I started the e teacher classes, now the concepts of the language are just sticking and I am getting a better understanding of the concepts. It is a great program I love the interaction with the teachers and the class.  
    Candise Schmidt, Michigan City, IN, Biblical Hebrew – Level B - Stephen Sang-Bae Kim, Ph.D.
  •   I have enjoyed learning under Stephen Sang-Bae-Kim because he makes us practice reading the hebrew. He is very thorough and did a great job explaining the lessons. 
    Raquel MacFarlane, Marion, MA, Biblical Hebrew – Level C - Stephen Sang-Bae Kim, Ph.D.
  •   I don't learn very fast but e-teacher has helped me to stick with my Hebrew lessons. I think it is very important to learn Biblical Hebrew and I just keep taking lessons. I know that one day I will be able to read the scriptures without the classes but until that day I know that I can rely e-teacher for help. 
    Rosa Smith, Gonzales, Texas, Biblical Hebrew – Level B - Shlomit Ben, B.A.
  •   I am still hanging in there with much encouragement from my brilliant and long suffering, patient, teacher Netanel. Thank you Netanel and eTeacher for providing this course. God bless you, with love, Shalom. A very grateful student. 
    Helen Jean Dooley, Ontario, Canada, Biblical Hebrew – Level A - Netanel Barak, B.A.
  •   I have to acknowledge that with the help of Malka as a remarkable teacher I became able to read the text... her dedication together with her patience to my questions and comments which exceeds hundreds and she answered the same diligently and with utmost accuracy as she could. 
    Raad Jawad, Auckland, New Zealand, Biblical Hebrew – Level A - Malka Kotzer, M.A.
  • Student avatar
      Dr. Luke Miller is a superb teacher. His background is in Semitic languages and Biblical archeology... he is excellent when it comes to explaining the many features and nuances of Biblical Hebrew and its relationship to the Hebrew that is spoken today. 
    Jamie McDonald, Sylvan Lake, AB, Biblical Hebrew – Level B - Luke Miller, Ph.D.
  •   The experience is a light to the nations for anyone seeking truth and education. The best teachers and tech people go to give a excellent educational experience. 
    George Hobbs, Deal, Kent, Biblical Hebrew – Level A - Karin Lev, Ph.D. Candidate
  •   I am loving the course and learning about Biblical Hebrew. This course has opened me to a new part of myself that I had not been aware of before - the passionate student with a desire to learn. Thank you to the eteacher team for allowing me to experience this fresh, new perspective on learning. 
    Simon Russell-Baker, Sunshine Coast, Australia, Biblical Hebrew – Level B - Francois de Villiers, M.A.
  •   I love it when Fiona speaks of the land and her enthusiasm to teach makes me wish I had two hours to learn. eteacher Biblical Hebrew is a wonderful way to study the bible. Thanks to all of you for designing a program that makes it easy for someone like me to learn! 
    Lita Minor, Pegram, Tennessee, Biblical Hebrew – Level A - Fiona Blumfield, Ph.D.
  •   I have a wonderful teacher. She is so patient and I love the way she explains each lesson. I re-play the recording of my class at least once a week, sometimes 2 or 3 times. The recordings have been a hugh help to my learning Hebrew. 
    Kathleen Oden, Houston, Texas, Biblical Hebrew – Level A - Dalia Vagner, M.A.
  •   I am thoroughly enjoying my Biblical Hebrew class with Beth. It has been very helpful for me to be able to work on this material without the pressure of grades or trying to take five other academic courses simultaneously. 
    Andrew More, South Carolina, USA, Biblical Hebrew – Level A - Beth Broadway Hinson, B.A.
  •   My goal for studying was to understand the text as clearly as possible, and although the language seems strange and difficult at first the payoff is tremendous! This program with the cirriculum and live interaction, has given me the chance to reach my goal.  
    Carl McIntosh, Jackson, Kentucky , Biblical Hebrew – Level B - Beth Broadway Hinson, B.A.
  •   Curtis McCorkle is a great teacher, and I enjoy the classes tremendously! I will be visiting Israel for the second time during September, and can't wait to be there once again. I love Israel and the chosen people of God with all my heart! 
    Anneliese Giezing, South Africa, Biblical Hebrew – Level A - Curtis Mc Corkle, M.A.
  • Charles Pugh
      The teacher was very helpful and covered everything very well. Everything was explained and presented very well.  
    Charles Pugh, Florence, USA, Biblical Hebrew – Level A - Luke Miller, Ph.D.
  •   It is such a blessing for me to learn the language of the Bible. It has given me new insight and understanding. The teacher is so friendly and pronounces the words so well, that it becomes alive. I found that I learned more about the Jewish culture and Religious Holidays. 
    Stephne Meyer, South Africa, - Sigal Zohar, M.A.