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Our Bible Study Tools are here to help you with your Biblical studies and to improve your knowledge of Classical Hebrew and the Scriptures. These useful learning aids have been written by top-notch Biblical Hebrew teachers especially for you. Last but not least, these tools are available to one and all for free, courtesy of eTeacher.

Free Biblical Hebrew Lessons

Here you will find short Biblical Hebrew lessons, allowing you to receive a fascinating glimpse into the world of Biblical studies.

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Free Biblical Hebrew Webinar

Join our weekly Biblical Hebrew Webinar – a live online discussion revolving around the most interesting biblical stories, led by a certified instructor from the Holy Land. Have a question? Join the webinar and ask our experts for answers!

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The Psalms: A Hebraic Small Group Bible Study Guide

It is our privilege to present you with this gift from eTeacher Biblical. We designed it to be used by Jewish and Christian communities of faith in their reflection on the Book of Psalms. It fits the three month study cycle that many Bible Study groups follow (12 psalms for 12 weeks). Download Free Now.

Download your FREE eHaggadah!

eTeacherBiblical is proud to present our eHaggadah – our Passover GIFT to you! The Haggadah provides the full text with translation, transliteration and explanation of seder customs and practices. Celebrate Passover with a full understanding of the Exodus story and commentaries with the ability to pronounce every single word!  


Biblical Hebrew question of the week

Did you ever encounter a biblical question that you just couldn't answer? Did you know that some words have multiple connotations, so that the answer can differ according to the particular interpretation? Discover the answers to the most frequently asked biblical questions.

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Bible Study with Biblical Hebrew Newsletters

Expand your Biblical horizons with this free periodical Biblical Hebrew newsletter. Read about the rich and fascinating world of the Bible, learn a little bit more every month about the history, archeology and other fascinating topics related to Biblical times.

Jewish Studies for Christians, Dr. Eli's Study Group

This blog is designed as an academic and an educational resource in Jewish Studies for Christians studying or contemplating to study the Ancient Biblical Languages in a joined program of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and eTeacher Online Language Academy.

Biblical Hebrew Blog

Improve your knowledge of the Scriptures with our Biblical Hebrew Blog. This publication covers a wide array of Biblical issues, such as history, literature, archaeology, geography, folklore, and scores of wonderful stories from Biblical times. So log in now to extend your Biblical reach!

Hebrew Baby Names Guide

Find out the origin and meaning of Hebrew names—your own and others—with eTeacher’s Hebrew Name Guide. This reservoir provides a historical synopsis for over 300 common Hebrew names.

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Torah Portions

Intoned during Sabbath prayer services and discussed throughout the preceding week, the Torah portion is an age-old Jewish tradition. Learn why we read each weekly installment and the origins of this beautiful custom.
Biblical Hebrew Torah portions 

Bible Study & Biblical Hebrew Videos

eTeacher’s new YouTube channel covers the fascinating world of Biblical studies. Here you will find new weekly portions every week and short Biblical Hebrew lessons. By subscribing to our channel, you’ll be the first to know when a video comes out.

Study Biblical Names

Leaf through a large, user-friendly database of Biblical Hebrew names. Find Biblical names for boys and girls as well as a synopsis of their meaning and historical background.
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Join our Biblical Hebrew Facebook page today to receive regular updates and articles. The network will also allow you to connect with your fellow classmates. Lastly, all our Facebook fans will receive a new Biblical word each and every day.

Biblical Hebrew on Twitter

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