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The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


 The first accredited online Biblical Hebrew, Biblical Aramaic and Yiddish courses offered by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and eTeacherGroup




The Hebrew University, in collaboration with eTeacher, is proud to offer its very first real-time Online Languages Program. The classes are open to students and researchers anywhere in the world who are interested in acquiring or improving their understanding of Biblical Languages. Among the program’s offerings are accredited courses for which participants can earn academic credits. All of our online language courses have been developed by top university researchers, linguists, and instructors.


eTeacher’s cutting-edge technology and dedicated team of software developers have liberated students from the physical constraints of geography. More specifically, our sophisticated multimedia infrastructure enables eTeacher to run synchronous courses in virtual classrooms featuring real-time interaction between teachers and groups of students, all of whom are conveniently situated in their homes.

At present, we offer live online courses in the following languages:


Biblical Hebrew: Study the Bible in its original source language, undistorted by translation. Enhance your understanding of the grammar, vocabulary, poetry, word play, acrostics, rhymes, and cultural genuineness of the Scriptures. Request Information


Biblical Aramaic: Delve into original texts from the Aramaic sections of the Books of Daniel and Ezra. In the process, you will add Second Temple Aramaic to your cachet of languages and acquire a strong feel for the historical and cultural background of the Bible. Request Information


Yiddish: Embrace the rich culture of Ashkenazic Jewry by learning Yiddish, a wonderfully expressive language that was spoken by Jews in Europe for over a thousand years. Request Information


Biblical Hebrew Online LessonTo date eTeacher is the only e-learning company providing the Hebrew University with live online courses for its students. This is especially noteworthy due to the fact that the 91 year old Hebrew University and its faculty of humanities are listed among the top 100 Universities in the world.

Owned and operated by eTeacher Group, eTeacher has been providing structured languages courses to students from all over the world.


Visit the official Hebrew university site:  The Hebrew University Online Languages Program