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Enjoy a taste of Biblical Hebrew by watching this set of FREE Biblical Hebrew lessons! If it’s made you hungry for more, then join one of our online Biblical Hebrew courses, taught by the very best teachers Israel has to offer.


During this lesson we will discuss syllables in Hebrew and the "Dagesh"-stress, which is a dot that can appear in the middle of a Hebrew letter. We will also talk about the way the Hebrew stress falls mostly on the last syllables. 
We'll read Genesis 3-1, the story of the snake’s temptation of Eve in the Garden of Eden. This verse will give us an opportunity to look into a Midrash about the word -עָרוּם “crafty", as this is written the same as the Hebrew word “naked,” which is used elsewhere in this passage. 

Sigal Zohar - Biblical Hebrew teacher

Sigal Zohar, M.A.

A Hebrew language, Literature and Creative Writing teacher with 19 years of experience in these fields, Sigal has a master's degree in literature from Haifa University. Sigal holds a teacher's certificate for teaching Hebrew from the Ministry of...

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lesson 5

QUESTION: the pronunciation after ELOHIM thru the next 3 HEBREW words is puzzling me as to how they are pronounced. I can not hear how the "to'kelu" with its phonetics seems to blend with the " mim ----" word. I have not come upon the softening of the consonants as of yet. So I am curious how that part goes together.Please enlighten me. HELP?
I am enjoying the learning of these lessons even if it is difficult. BUT THANK YOU FOR PROVIDING THESE LESSONS.

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