Pronominal Suffixes

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In this lesson, we continue our discussion of the pronouns and see what they look like when they are attached to the end of a noun or preposition, as a “pronominal suffix” (my, your…).
Since the pronominal suffixes were originally independent personal pronouns that became attached to the noun or preposition they followed, they have the same characteristics and often a similar form. 
One example we check during our lessons is the noun: my rainbow: קשתי 
The word קֶשֶׁת is used in Hebrew both as “bow” and as “rainbow”. The bow, as a weapon of God, was a widespread image among the peoples of the ancient world. For example, in Enuma Elish (the Babylonian creation story), Marduk hangs his bow in the sky after his victory over Tiamat. 
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Sigal Zohar, M.A.

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