Greetings from Dr. Ohad Cohen

Dear Students, Shalom! Greetings!

Dr. Ohad Cohen, Academic Director  My name is Ohad Cohen. As the Academic Director of eTeacher’s Biblical Hebrew Program and the author of our ancient languages curriculum, I would like to welcome you to the fascinating world of Biblical Hebrew, a discipline that I have been studying, researching, and teaching for what is now over 10 years at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.




Hebrew is indeed a beautiful language with a rich history. Learning Biblical Hebrew will allow you to read the Old Testament in an unmediated fashion. In other words, acquiring this ancient tongue will enable you to comprehend the original meaning of the Bible without having to rely on translations.



eTeacher’s Biblical Hebrew Program is the fruit of six rewarding years of hard work. Our objective is to teach the language within the context of the Biblical narrative. By virtue of this proven method, you will experience how Hebrew sheds light on the Scriptures.

Without further ado, I cordially invite you to join us on this Biblical journey over the Internet!



Watch the video about the partnership of eTeacherGroup and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem 



Dr. Ohad Cohen,

Academic Director 
and Scholar in-Residence & Lecturer, 
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem