Frequently Asked Questions - 과정

Our Biblical Hebrew program consists of 5 levels, all focused on Biblical reading skills and understanding the meaning of Biblical stories. During the first level course you will learn the Hebrew alphabet and vowels, become familiar with the basic paradigms of Hebrew nouns and verbs and acquire 450 common Biblical Hebrew words.


By the end of the last and most advanced level, you will be able to read and compare texts from different Biblical periods and read extra-biblical literature such as epigraphic Hebrew and the Hebrew of the Dead Sea Scrolls. You will also have a broad historical background of the Biblical Hebrew.

Our Biblical Hebrew program is headed by Dr. Ohad Cohen of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, an award winning teacher and scholar in the field of Biblical Hebrew and eTeacherBiblical’s Academic Director.

Our Biblical Hebrew teachers are all have college level degrees in Hebrew language tuition and a strong background in bible studies.

We offer two formats for our Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic courses: regular format and accredited format. The course, in its academic format, will allow you to study either one or two study units at the beginners’ level.


In accordance with the Hebrew University's academic requirements the program includes obligatory attendance, paper submissions and examinations and will award students 2 or4 credit points. Read more…