eTeacher is proud to present our Classical Hebrew program (Biblical Hebrew), providing a unique opportunity to learn Hebrew as it was spoken in Biblical times. eTeacher brings the most experienced teachers and scholars of Biblical Hebrew directly to you, so you can increase your understanding and appreciation of Biblical texts in their original language.


Effective January 2010, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in collaboration with eTeacher, is offering its very first online, accredited Biblical Hebrew courses to overseas students. The Hebrew University’s Humanities Program is ranked in the top 100 globally, and this collaboration is the first in the University’s 91 year history.


eTeacher Biblical - Online Lesson Application

The Biblical Hebrew program, facilitated by eTeacher's Online Language Academy, is now part of the Hebrew University credit courses and is fully recognized

by the university’s faculty of humanities.

In accordance with the University's academic requirements the program includes obligatory online class attendance, homework submission, and examinations. Completion of the course will award students four credit points.


Our Biblical Hebrew program draws on the success of eTeacher’s original online Hebrew courses, providing thousands of students a comprehensive, proven program to enable you to enjoy the benefits of a rich understanding of Biblical Hebrew.

eTeacher’s Biblical Hebrew instructors are certified educators and experts in their field. The majority of our teachers have taught Hebrew at Israel's leading universities, which are the world's best institutions for Hebrew-language tutelage.
eTeacher’s Classical Hebrew online program is led by Ohad Cohen, PhD, a highly-skilled teacher and linguist with extensive experience in teaching Biblical Hebrew. In 2008 Ohad completed his thesis on the Verbal Tense System in Late Biblical Hebrew Prose, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

eTeacher’s virtual classes are conducted via live video conferencing. Students can see the teacher through a web cam. They can talk with the teacher and other class members using a complimentary headset & microphone from eTeacher. The lesson materials are presented via a multimedia application on each student’s computer screen. Study materials include a combination of content that has been developed specifically for online learning.


With eTeacher, you learn online in small groups or in private sessions (one-on-one). Classes are scheduled based on students' locations, time zones, and personal preferences. The group classes are based on one of two intensity levels, depending on the needs of the group. For the higher intensity program, classes take place twice weekly, while the lower intensity course is comprised of one class per week. Students may submit homework and learn new words before each class. The private program (one-on-one tutoring) allows students to progress at a pace and intensity suited to their personal skill level.

Using eTeacher’s advanced technology, you can now enjoy learning from the best teachers without leaving the comfort of your own home. All of our teachers undergo comprehensive training courses to prepare them for online teaching. After each session, students are asked to rate the lesson, enabling us to maintain our standard of teaching excellence.

The Biblical Hebrew program consists of five levels, from beginners with no prior experience to highly advanced students. The course focuses on reading the Hebrew bible in its original language. In the process, students gain a comprehensive understanding of the language, including grammar, syntax and vocabulary. At the more advanced levels, courses deals with different textual and diachronic perspectives, and delves into a wider range of biblical texts, including poetry, prophecy and wisdom literature.

Effective January 2010, the Hebrew University, in collaboration with eTeacher, is offering its very first online, accredited Biblical Hebrew courses to overseas students. Read more