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Eric Smitt
West Melbourne, Florida, US
Biblical Hebrew
Tue, 2014-06-24 13:33
 Biblical Hebrew has prepared me in my current efforts towards becoming a Rabbi. Prior to beginning Biblical Hebrew A, my knowledge of Hebrew was very limited. As a child, I did not attend Hebrew School for Bar Mitzvah, and had only learned my Parshat through rote memorization. But having such a fine instructor, Beth Hinson, I was engaged in a program which taught me Hebrew in a method which made sense, and allowed my to use the instruction as a tool to be able to transfer... 

Book of Life

Raad Jawad
Auckland, New Zealand
Biblical Hebrew
Wed, 2012-06-13 11:12
 First of all I am holding BA, degrees in Politics, Law and PHD. in Translation beside diplomas in Management and comparative religions. I decided to study biblical Hebrew when I applied to the Faculty of Theology of Auckland University and found that I have to read the text in Hebrew. The Israel Freemasonary Grand Lodge Secretary recommended you as an authentic Teachers to teach me Biblical Hebrew. Therefore, I started and with the great teacher like Malka things started to become easier... 
Avi Converse
Wasilla, Alaska, USA
Merav Buch, B.A.
Biblical Hebrew
Thu, 2011-11-10 14:04
 I am currently enrolled in Level C (third year) Biblical Hebrew. I have taken Hebrew at my synagogue and also attended Hebrew Ulpan (intensive language school) two times in Israel as well as trying to learn on my own. eTeacher is by far the most effective for me. The pace is perfect, not too much and not too little and the teachers are the best – and very patient. Having class in the privacy of my home is also a big... 
Shirley Silver
Boise, Idaho
Thu, 2011-11-10 14:02
 My husband and I have been to Israel four times. But not until I took the Historical Geography class last month made the Bible come alive! It was like visiting Israel in 3-D. Bible stories took on more meaning when I realized how the geography of the Land impacted the events. I felt like I was living our history in a virtual world. Absolutely wonderful. Now I can't wait to go back to Israel to walk through the river wadi's, explore... 

A chance for everyone

Carl McIntosh
Jackson, Kentucky
Biblical Hebrew
Wed, 2013-10-30 15:59
 I live in an area where opportunities to learn a language in general is limited, and to learn biblical Hebrew is impossible. I would need to drive for hours to get to a school that offered such courses, and few would offer classes that I could attend with my schedule.

Eteacher has given me a chance to learn this language in my home or away in a live classroom setting where I can interact with the teacher via the Internet.

In the past I...

Ish Ishah

George Hobbs
Deal, Kent
Biblical Hebrew
Thu, 2012-06-14 10:21
 From the start the connection with the Almighty was presented to me. I felt the Shekhinah and Gods glory through the very talking and interest from the people at E Teacher. I am learning a most difficult language for sure but it is now a natural progression for me along with my Torah studies.

The lessons are great. Just a matter of finding your feet. You got to do the work and homework though, otherwise you fall behind and will not get it. The online software and tech...

In the beginning....

Chong-Kiat Lim
Perth, Australia
Biblical Hebrew
Thu, 2011-11-10 14:06
 I signed up for the Biblical Hebrew course (Level A) back in 2008. I had zero knowledge of Hebrew then. My class started with 5 students but 1 dropped out after the very 1st lesson and a 2nd one dropped out not too long after that. The 3 of us who remained have kept together since, sticking together as a class and going on to each subsequent level together. We've been together now for the last nearly 4 years and are now more than 1/2 way through Level D. At the start of... 
Lita Minor
Pegram, Tennessee
Biblical Hebrew
Sun, 2012-07-08 09:30
 And learn the language of my Heavenly Father. So many treasures embedded in the language have opened my eyes to much depth and meaning. I love it when Fiona speaks of the land and her enthusiasm to teach makes me wish I had two hours to learn. When I first came to class, I made a CD of Hebrew music and I can understand, now... some words in those songs!

To be able to read the right page in my Tanach and look forward, one day, to understanding what I'm...
Kenneth Reed
Houston, Missouri
Biblical Hebrew
Wed, 2012-06-20 10:00
 I have been studying the Holy Bible for many years and I had started to read the Hebrew that is found in my Bible study program. I noticed that the words that are shown are not the same as the Strongs definition for the same word, so I decided to learn Biblical Hebrew so I can see the differences for better understanding.

I have been so happy to have signed up with eTeacher Biblical, even though I have recently started, I am learning so much and it helps with my...

Fresh Perspective

Simon Russell-Baker
Sunshine Coast, Australia
Biblical Hebrew
Thu, 2012-06-14 11:02
 It came as a complete surprise to me that I suddenly found myself wanting to learn Biblical Hebrew. As soon as I saw the advertisement on Facebook something clicked inside me and I went about pursuing the course with a vigor I had not felt for some time. I have not had any desire to study since I left University over 20 years ago, and was again pleasantly surprised to find myself in a weekly online tutorial with a teacher and other students from around the world, all caring about the...